People Who I Metin Vigan City

                                      By Cooper, Team Nirvana


After traveling with my friends inSan Fernando, I decided to go to Vigan City alone. Of course, I wanted to recommendto my friends that we go together. But, I knew that having no prior hotel reservationsmakes many problems, so I went to Vigan on my own. I didn't have any idea onwhat transportation to take, so I asked a police officer how I can go there. Hesaid kindly, “When the bus which goes to Vigan is coming, I will give you asign,” and he stood up to wait for the bus. A few minutes later, the bus cameand I boarded it. However, the bus I rode is different from what I thought, itwas an ordinary bus. I thought it was like Partas or Joy Bus. The bus always stoppedand carried people. I started to get nervous. After I stayed in the bus forfive hours, I was very afraid because I heard it only takes four hours from SanFernando to Vigan City. Then the bus driver said that I need transfer toanother bus, so I transferred and asked a passenger if the bus goes to Vigan City.He said “After an hour you will arrive in Vigan,” then my mind was at Finally Igot to there after six hours. Still, I had a big problem because I didn't have anyreservation.

Before I started the trip, I triedto search the internet for accommodations, but there were no available rooms. Iwent to the tourist center, took a map of Vigan and began my adventure to findan available room. After two hours, I inquired in fourteen hotels, and my fearof sleeping outdoors became real. I even thought why I chose to go here. I suddenlymissed my room. Then I went to a store and asked the staff directions to go toanother hotel. I met Anne and Rain and they kindly helped me find a hotel.However, we could not find a hotel with a vacancy, and one of them said “Let'sgo to my house.” I was worried that her family might reject me because I was astranger and a man. Nevertheless, my worries passed as soon as I met her family.They greeted and welcomed me without hesitation. We took a picture together. Andthey gave me one of Vigan City's famous foods, Sinigang. Then they toured me aroundthe city. We ate street food, took pictures and talked about each other's countryand customs. After that, they offered me a room to sleep for the night. BeforeI went to bed, I wrote them a short letter. It was hard to express my gratitudefor their unconditional kindness. When I woke up, they were eating breakfast. Theywere having bread, rice, ham and scrambled eggs and they were all delicious.After the sumptuous breakfast, I bid the family farewell, and went on my way.

Lastly, I visited Baluarte Zoo.There were many animals and people there. Then I went to the bus station to goback to Baguio City.

I can say this travel experience isthe most valuable trip for me. I’ve always dreamt of meeting other people from otherplaces. But it is not easy to meet and be friends with strangers because wehave to be cautious with others. I also have the same feeling. However, thefamily offered me a favor first and I couldn't give anything in return. Theydidn't care about that. They also told me, “We are poor, but we are happy.” Itis a great saying. Many people think if we have much money we will be happy. Itis only half the truth. The real important thing is contentment and sharing.How little your property is, if you are satisfied and help other people, youare happy. From this trip, I learned how to help other people unconditionallyand my life’s direction. 

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