Learning from experience is better than learning

from a book

I'm interested in trading and ship. so i took up trading in Korea Maritime University.

My main classes are focused on ship, trade, and logistic. I learned the structure of ship, trade contrct, and so on.

I applied as an intern to learn about trading in Korea International Trade Association.

The KITA helps middle-small companies to export their main product.

My main duty was to supply foreign exhinition information. Like 35th India International Trade Fair, Manufacturing Indonesia 2015

I was so busy at that time. I felt many good things but I was a bit skeptical.

Because what I learned in my university didn't help me much with my job. of course. I was able to understand the term associated with trading.

But some terms were not used so much.

For example I learned the word CIF that was rarely used in the field instead we use the term FOB which has the same meaning.

From that thought learning from experience better than learning from a book.

Experience gives you a hands on situation a book that imaginary or ideal.

Thank you.

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