Have you ever heard about Help Academy? Let me tell you about it. it is located in the middle of spectacular mountains, Long Long ,Philippines.

It is place where Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese and other foreigners learn English. There are so many Koreans here but there are only few foreigners .

This academy has Sparta curriculum. It has a strict schedule. We have to study until 9:00pm. If you want to study English hard, you'd better come here than going to semi-sparta. This campus is located in a high altitude about 1,500m, so It has cool and breezy weather. It is great to study English here. In addition, it is surrounded by mountains. You can enjoy the splendid sight. There are also many things I can explain. I will explain those by enumerating my routine. I wake up at 6:25am and go to the dinning room for breakfast. While I'm approaching there, I can smell the aromatic food, so it makes me awake perfectly. I receive the food from ma'am and sir. They give me warm greeting. The food is delicious as much as their kindness. It is possible that some people taste is salty and sweet but as for me, I'm satisfied with it. After eating breakfast, I attend MRC. MRC means Morning Reading Class. It starts at 7:00am. Audio sound loudly spread out from every classes. When I enter my class, I can see most student are exhausted. They are with long faces. It seems like they have been ill. We have a class for 50minutes. After finishing the class, I go to my individual class's room. There are 3 teams, Everest, Pioneer, Nirvana. I’m one of Everest's students. My first class teacher is Clarissa. As soon as I get her class, There are always other teachers in her class. The reason is maybe because of her kindness and hospitality. She mainly teaches writing skill. If you want to improve your writing skill, I recommend her. Next, i will introduce teacher Lace. She is my speaking teacher. She is also kind, bright and cheerful. She is my first foreigner teacher, so when I met her for the first time, I was so nervous. I couldn't adjust easily but thanks to her character nowadays, it is so comfortable to talk to her. And then I go to teacher Johan's  room. She is brilliant and funny. Sometimes, she sing a song for me before the class starts. She is so skillful of playing guitar. After finishing my class, I also have personal time for 2 to 3 hour a day. I can take a rest within time and have a quick nap. There are important things you have to observe in this Academy. The most important thing is to keep speaking English in Academy. You must speak only English in the whole area from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Specially, you have to speak English everyday on the 6floor. If you violate the rule, you will have a penalty. Anyway, I keep explaining more about my routine. After I have for lunch, I attend my group class. It is consisted of 3to5 students and a teacher. In group class, we have activities. The most important one is to present about our topic. It is not strict. We enjoy together with spectator and presenters. Teachers sometimes render a song before the presentation starts or before it ends. After all classes are done, I must take vocabulary & pattern test every day except for weekends. Manager rings the bell before they start the test. Whenever I hear this sound, it feels like   nerve wrecking but  It builds up my confidence. I have been staying here for 2 months already. I feel that I am improving my English skill. If you want to feel like exhilarating or desperate to acquire some English skills , you have to come here right away and have a blast  

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