These days, the Ratio of Korean student entering a university is very high. The media announced that it is about 99%. We should think about this ratio. Is it good a situation? Some people have insisted that this phenomenon is caused by losing in a competition,losing the real concept of education, and tuition/school fees are increasing.

In the 80’s,smaller number of students could study in a university. Most of them studied very hard. Not only smarter ones but also the typical students. They have to try their best to get a scholarship because most households were poor after the Korean War. Therefore, competition happen naturally, but now, their parents are economically supporting their sons and daughters to go to a university even if their children don’t fit there.

Global economic depression is producing unemployed people. So universities are concentrating on the ratio of employment because university workers think about the high ratio which will be employed after graduating represents their capacity. A University should be evaluated by resulting from studies and monographs. This phenomenon will be losing the original educational purpose.

The private university is now a company. According to the law of supply and demand, high demand cause increasing of price. It means that, Korean students who want to enter a university increases more and more, University fee will increase.

I think these days, Korea doesn’t have logic in some parts of society. Universities have to compete and students to participate. If we stay in this situation, we might not overcome others. What do you think should be our next step?

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