Some people do volunteering. This is not a unique thing.

In Korea, most of the students have experience about volunteer activity. Why do they volu
nteer? I show you myvolunteer experience. 

In my case, I belonged in a group which is the Korean company group.

The reason which looks like noblesse oblige showed their morality so I decidedto enter this volunteer group.

I did many volunteer activities for 6 months. Iintroduce two things of my experience.

 Thefirst volunteer activity is painting stairs. These are the pictures about beforeand after painting the stairs.

That time was the first time for my friends andme to paint something but we did it successfully. It was not perfect but we weresatisfied with our work.

We tried to find a place and contacted anadministrator because we needed to ask permission about painting the stairs.

After that, we calculated our expenses and prepared paints, brushes, writingbrushes, and paper which protected the other surface.

Next, we chose whatdesigns to add on the stairs. I think it was not easy. Sometimes we arguedbecause we thought of different opinions.

Anyway we could do this work and wefelt satisfied and pleased. This work’s purpose is not only in our emotion butalso in our city’s spectacle.

 Secondis helping farmers. We wanted to do a large scale volunteer activity so wethought what work we could do.

We were determined to help the farmers. Wevisited local farms and asked what tasks we could do.

After that, we made aposter to gather people so we recruited 200 people! There were so many thingsneeded for work.

We prepared their meals, instruments, drinks, snack foods andwe took care of their health because at that time was the prevalence of MERS.

It made my friends and me to think about giving up but we decided to dovolunteer because many farmers felt labor shortage by MERS.

Anyway, we helpedfarmer and unexpectedly we received a letter of thanks. We saw the farmer’s smileand we received the reward of our labor.

That was very worthy work.

 Sometimes Ithink why people do volunteer. Volunteer do not receive pay and their work isnot easy.

The extreme case is get hurt one’s body but they do volunteer. Whatis the purpose of it? I think that is pure intention of helping other people.

They do not want so many things. They just wanted one word “thanks”.

In mycase, this word gives me power like a magic. Some people ask me “why did you dovolunteer?”

At that time, I always say “Because, I want to do volunteer. Thatis fun and I can get pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness.

If I can getanother volunteer chance, I always do this work.” In this world many thingshave worth.

That is not only material but also mind. I believe that the worldis moved by this people.

If you do not have experience about volunteering, suggest you do volunteering at least once. That will change your life.

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