Smart Phone

  Which company do you prefer, SAMSUNG or APPLE? If you can answer easily, you might use a smart phone.

That’s because those companies are famous for smart phones. Are you a smart phone user?

Actually, most people have smart phones.

It doesn’t only have a lot of advantages, but also disadvantages. What is happening to us?

Smart phones are a very useful machine. when we used the internet, we could use it only at our homes or in companies.

In the twentieth century, we can use it anywhere thanks to smart phones.

For example, when you listen to a song outside and you suddenly wonder what the singer’s name is,

you can search in the internet instantly even though you are on the road.

Modern society people think it is a natural situation, but it is revolution.

It makes our lifestyle faster and more comfortable.

  Smart phones have various functions.

We can watch TV, use dictionary, listen to music, control our house, we can even check our health and so on.

For example, you have a dog, but you almost spend time outside. So you can’t take care of your dog.

However, if you have the smart phone, you can take care of your dog easily.

You can control your pet’s feed time and you can have conversation with your dog by the smart phone.

We can do everything by having only a smart phone. Do you feel amazed?

Smart phone market is already full and they try to add more functions.

After many years, we can do what we imagine by a smart phone.


 However, we have a lot of problems because of these advantages.

People can use the internet anywhere, so we use it everywhere.

For instance, in the subway, almost all passengers watch something only on their cell phones.

Another example, in the restaurant, they also see their phones without conversation.

Even when we eat something, we don’t put down our cell phones.

We called this problem ‘addiction to smart phones’

  Other problem is we gain comfort and convenience, at the same time we get disease.

When we see it, we bend down our neck. but it causes pain.

As a result, some people get disease because of smart phones.

So doctors said when we see a smart phone, we have to sit straight and we have to limit our smart phone using time.

  Some people abuse the smart phone. For example, they send a useful information to people with a URL address.

People who receive the message click the URL address without doubt.

However, that site is harmful site and you may be deprived your own information.

Using smart phones’ crimes are smarter and more carefully.

So polices warn to us if we receive massage form people who we don’t know, we shouldn’t believe it.


When we made smart phones our objective is for them to be only useful, but it causes a lot of problems in our society.

Smart phone market will get bigger than now, so we have to change our habit.

Then, smart phones will be more helpful to us.

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